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One of the most important parts of every home is maintaining clean and fresh air at all times, which ensures good health, high working ability and fine mood of the entire family. Clean air is very important for people, especially for those who are allergic to certain plants or animals – it allows everybody to enjoy comfort in their home.

The modern market provides an enormous choice of filters and filtering materials for ventilation systems. FILTERS24 offers its customers as original filters from producers of ventilation systems, so equivalent compatible products made using modern Scandinavian technologies and complying with modern standards. For more demanding customers we offer filters with activated carbon that remove unpleasant odours, protect from mould spores, and maintain a healthy microclimate in the room.

The range also includes different filtering materials, filters for fresh air valves, agents for maintenance and cleaning that are designated specifically for ventilation systems (with probiotics).

In order to minimise impact on the environment we prefer the use of environmentally friendly materials, for example, instead of metal frames of filters we try to use cardboard frames. 

FILTERS24 provides products at best prices, and we always offer discount campaigns on certain models. For a purchase of 5 filter units or more we offer additional discounts – please contract our consultants to specify the price. We work with orders from the European and CIS countries, and we deliver our products by mail and courier service.

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