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PAUL Iso-Defrosterbox DN 160 Filter ORIGINAL

PAUL Iso-Defrosterbox DN 160 Filter ORIGINAL
PAUL Iso-Defrosterbox DN 160 Filter ORIGINAL

Filter set include:

G4 / Coarse 70% panel filter- 250x350x40 mm x 1 pcs


PAUL ORIGINAL FILTER                              

Compatible to models:

PAUL Iso-Defrosterbox DN 160

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  • Model: PAUL Iso-Defrosterbox DN 160 Filter ORIGINAL
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Product description

FILTERING MATERIAL: Modern, synthetic two-layer filtering material which provides less air resistance (and therefore less energy consumption), high filtration efficiency levels (in the form of dust absorption), and a long filter life (involving low pressure drops). The filter complies with standards EN 779: 2012 and ISO 16890

REPLACING THE FILTER: The producers recommend that filters be changes at least once or twice a year, at the beginning and end of the heating season.

DISPOSAL: The used filter is disposed of alongside normal household waste.


* Old and dirty filters lead to a pressure drop in the ventilation system and, as a result, the volume of fresh air inflow decreases, which worsens the indoor climate.

* An old, dirty filter can contribute to the spread of mould in the ventilation system. (especially in humid climates), which can be a health hazard.

* The new filter has the best air permeability levels and, as a result, savings can be made in electricity costs for the fan unit.

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